The first one…

‘Why the hell would anybody start a blog in 2015?’ That’s the thought that ran through my head after signing up to WordPress.

Back in 2003 before Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and the Kardashians it might have been a better idea. When we weren’t so pre-occupied. Hell, there would definitely be a greater chance of someone actually reading it, so why now?

I wanted to create a world that contains smart, informative, and most importantly, HONEST accounts of life today. As the name suggests, blogs posts will be candid, which is pretty much how I live my life. I’m a terrible liar, so openness and honesty is my thing. Seriously, lying makes me a sweaty mess.

I’m just hoping people still remember how to read.

My plan is to cover topics that are important to me, and hopefully, important to you. I also want to include guest blog posts from smart women who have interesting stories to tell. I want to cover life as a late 20-something feminist who suffers from survives mental health problems (anxiety) and shares experiences that are relatable to the average (or exceptional) human.

You will never find a recipe for quinoa porridge on this blog.

A quick little bio about me: I’m 28, I live in Melbourne with my husband and my fur-child Samson, and I work in the media industry. My name is Steph.

Enjoy xo


3 thoughts on “The first one…

  1. Very refreshing to read about experiences that make me feel, at times, very alone. It’s nice to know that other people are dealing with these problems too.

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    1. Hi Mel, thanks for your feedback. It can definitely be a lonely journey but please know you are not alone and there is a tonne of support available, and many people going through similar situations (I know that doesn’t make it any easier) Beyond Blue have some great resources available including a 24 hour phone number for support, I’d recommend giving them a call if/when you feel alone. In the meantime I hope my blog can be of some comfort Xo


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