The world can fuck off because I had a miscarriage: and other things I’ve learnt after losing a baby.

I am a statistic. The dreaded 1 in 4. I had a miscarriage. It happened about six weeks ago. It was my first pregnancy. I was so unbelievably excited. The miscarriage came as a shock, as you would expect. Not only did I naively think it wouldn’t happen to me, on reflection, I really knew … More The world can fuck off because I had a miscarriage: and other things I’ve learnt after losing a baby.

All by myself

This week I did something I’ve never done before. My feet, which are generally planted within my comfort zone, decided to step outside of the fence. I went to an event by myself. Or as I like to say, I went on a hot date, with myself. This isn’t necessarily a story about anxiety, it’s … More All by myself

Dying with dignity

Trigger warning: this post deals with death and suicide. I need to talk about death. Well, assisted dying laws to be more specific (also known as euthanasia, voluntary euthanasia, doctor assisted suicide). Following a recent announcement by the Victorian Government to legalise voluntary assisted dying for terminally ill people, I’ve read a spate of articles … More Dying with dignity


This is Lola. She is a three-year-old greyhound. Earlier this year she ran four races in Victoria. She didn’t place. Four races was enough for her trainer to decide she was no longer required for racing purposes. Luckily for her, the universe threw her a bone (pardon the pun), and she was placed into the … More Lola.

R U really OK?

Today is R U OK Day. Sadly, a lot of people who aren’t ok will be too sad, depressed, anxious, or ashamed to tell someone they’re not ok. They’ll put on a fake smile, nod and say ‘I’m fine’. They don’t want to shatter the misconceived illusion that as an adult, you’re supposed to have … More R U really OK?

The ‘C’ word

I need to talk about the ‘C’ word. No, not that ‘C’ word, although I do like the idea of dedicating an entire blog post to my love of the word C U Next Tuesday. I need to talk about the word ‘cured’. More specifically I need to talk about the word cured and the … More The ‘C’ word