A little empty packet of Valium

I’m reminded of my meltdown anniversary by one little packet of empty Valium. Date stamped 18 June 2015… Anniversaries are often viewed as cause for celebration. Birthdays, weddings, work, first dates, first shags. It’s hard not to remember the date when something amazing happened to you. But when I flip that celebration coin high in … More A little empty packet of Valium

Do’s and don’ts for people WITHOUT anxiety

DO Clean a toilet Never underestimate the power of a glistening toilet or a vacuumed floor. When you are suffering from anxiety your level of ‘giving a shit’ about anything other than what’s going on in your mind is low. This includes menial household tasks. For me, I felt incompetent when I would come home … More Do’s and don’ts for people WITHOUT anxiety

I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you when you said yoga would be good for my anxiety

When you’re in the deep throes of anxiety you will do anything to be cured. For me, this involves countless daydreams where a big switch exists somewhere in my mind and within three seconds I can just turn it off. And then it all ends. The anxiety is gone, never to return. The other scenario … More I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you when you said yoga would be good for my anxiety

Sunday blues

Today I cried. A lot. I’m currently in a limbo-transition phase switching over from one anti-depressant to another. While the anxiety is at bay for the most part, its trusty pal depression is relishing in a guest starring role in my mind. So I cried. I cried long, hard sobs. I cried big. I cried … More Sunday blues

I am not brave

A few weeks ago I shared a post on Facebook about my anxiety and depression. It was the first time I had opened up in such a public setting, and the first time a lot of people would have been made aware of my situation. I debated for a while before posting it. Worried what … More I am not brave

The first one…

‘Why the hell would anybody start a blog in 2015?’ That’s the thought that ran through my head after signing up to WordPress. Back in 2003 before Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and the Kardashians it might have been a better idea. When we weren’t so pre-occupied. Hell, there would definitely be a greater chance of someone … More The first one…