R U really OK?

Today is R U OK Day.

Sadly, a lot of people who aren’t ok will be too sad, depressed, anxious, or ashamed to tell someone they’re not ok.

They’ll put on a fake smile, nod and say ‘I’m fine’. They don’t want to shatter the misconceived illusion that as an adult, you’re supposed to have your shit together. They don’t want that dirty stigma of mental health attached to their image. They don’t want you to know they’ve spent all day in bed, wondering when it would all be over.

This is where you come in. If your gut tells you someone is not ok, and you think a friend, family member or colleague is just telling you what they think you want to hear, ask them again: ARE YOU REALLY FUCKING OK?

Make it clear that you are welcoming their unease and pain. Be sincere. Without judgement. Let them know they are safe to tell you anything. And maybe, with some encouragement, they will welcome you into their little invisible world of agony.

And don’t just ask this question today. Ask it every day, or each time you see the person you think is struggling. Mental illness occurs 365 days per year. Your contact could make the world of difference.

Everyday needs to be R U OK Day.

P.S Are you ok? Like, really? Get in touch, I’ll listen, and help where I can.




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