Today I climbed a mountain…

A week ago I started reducing my medication. The decision to reduce was not made lightly. I have spent hours of time thinking about it (because, anxiety) and I’ve spent the same amount of time talking about it with my husband. I’m reducing not for a specific reason but because I’ve been feeling really great … More Today I climbed a mountain…

All by myself

This week I did something I’ve never done before. My feet, which are generally planted within my comfort zone, decided to step outside of the fence. I went to an event by myself. Or as I like to say, I went on a hot date, with myself. This isn’t necessarily a story about anxiety, it’s … More All by myself

R U really OK?

Today is R U OK Day. Sadly, a lot of people who aren’t ok will be too sad, depressed, anxious, or ashamed to tell someone they’re not ok. They’ll put on a fake smile, nod and say ‘I’m fine’. They don’t want to shatter the misconceived illusion that as an adult, you’re supposed to have … More R U really OK?

The ‘C’ word

I need to talk about the ‘C’ word. No, not that ‘C’ word, although I do like the idea of dedicating an entire blog post to my love of the word C U Next Tuesday. I need to talk about the word ‘cured’. More specifically I need to talk about the word cured and the … More The ‘C’ word